Online Casino gambling By Country

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For thousands of Canadian residents, online gambling is a popular pastime. Luckily for these players, online gambling is a legal activity in the country and Canada actually licenses some of the most respected casinos in the industry. For any Canadian player that is interested in gambling online, they should make sure the casino they choose is regulated and adheres to local gambling laws. Players do not only have to play in sites that are licensed in Canada, but they are also free to visit any of the operating off shore casinos for their gambling needs. This means that Canadian players have one of the largest selections in the world. Since they can gamble at any operating online casino, they will have multiple choices in regards to software providers. This opens the doors to a great gambling experience.

Most players will want to make sure their chosen online casino caters to Canadian player needs. This means that he site chosen should support Canadian Dollars as a currency and should also offer French and English language choices. In addition, Canadian players may want to check on the banking options that are supported at the casino. Some players will wish to use InstaDebit, a method that is only available to Canadian players. Unfortunately, some off shore casinos will not support this method, so it is essential to check to see what methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals.

When paying at Canadian based casinos, players will see that the sites are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This Commission oversees the operation of the casinos and ensures they are always following laws and offering the best levels of protection to players who register real money accounts online.


Gamblers from Australia, just like millions of players from all over the world, enjoy playing top rated casino games from home. These players have some restrictions as online gambling is not licensed in the country. There are no laws that state that an Aussie player cannot access an online casino, but there are laws that state that no online casino can operate within Australia. For these players, there are a number of top quality off shore casinos that will meet their needs. In a casino that accepts Australian players, there are great games that can be played for real money and the casinos offer privacy policies to help keep players secure when they visit the casino site to enjoy the games that are supported.

Australian online casinos are easy to find a huge number of off shore sites will accept these players. When choosing a site, Aussie players need to make sure that he casino supports their local currency so they will not have to convert money to play the games online. Players should also make sure the site supports the most popular payment methods. For players from Australia, these can include Neteller, Skrill, POLi, credit cards and prepaid cards. As long as a casino supports these and offers what players are seeking, Aussie players can easily play online and enjoy winning money while gambling from home.

One thing that Australian players will see is that casinos that cater to players from this location will offer an astounding selection of online pokies. These are the most popular games for these players and with traditional, video and progressive pokies supported, players will always find games they enjoy that can offer spectacular payouts.

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New Zealand

Gamblers who reside in New Zealand face some of the same challenges as those that are from Australia. For these players, there are some laws in place that restrict any online casino from being licensed in New Zealand. In addition, the laws also prevent any online casino from advertising services to residents. This can limit how players hear about online casinos, however, with the internet and the many great casinos that are operating off shore, New Zealand players should not have much difficulty selecting a site and playing their favourite games. Like Aussie players. Kiwi players also enjoy the action of pokies, so the chosen online casino should support hundreds of these games to meet player needs.

While there are no true New Zealand online casinos operating, the off shore sites will do everything possible to meet the needs of players. This includes supporting New Zealand Dollars for transactions that are made as well as supporting popular payment methods, which are similar to those used by Aussie players. New Zealand players often choose POLi as a payment method, but online casinos will also accept a number of ewallet services, credit cards, bank transfers and prepaid cards. There are some safe and secure ways for Kiwi players to conduct transactions so that they can enjoy the real money games that are supported.

Online casinos that cater to New Zealand players will often provide special bonuses so that players can collect bonus money in their own currency. With these offers, players will have the ability to play more of the games online and have increased chances of winning. Even though online casinos do not operate in the country, Kiwi players will easily be able to find sites that will accept them and provide access to the leading games online.

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In Finland, there are many residents that wish to enjoy playing real money games in an online casino. The entire gambling market in this country is controlled by the government and is separated into three main bodies. The odd thing is that all money that is earned from gambling venues is then used to sponsor various non-profit organisations and is used on social improvement programs in the country. Since 1996, online gambling has been legal in Finland and Atlands Penningautomatforening, or PAF, has a license to operate a site offering a variety of casino games, poker games and even a sportsbook. All of the proceeds from this online site are used to support sports and the social sector. A few other sites got licenses to operate in Finland, but overall, the choices for online casinos are slim for these players.

This is why a number of Finish players will choose to gamble at an off shore casino site. With these sites, players can access more games and have a choice between software providers in the industry. Even though there are gambling sites in the country, a number of players will want a better selection and will choose to gable at off shore casinos. In these casinos, local currencies are supported and players can choose their native language.

Casino sites that accept players from Finland will offer great security measures so that all information is always protected. These sites will also provide commonly used payment methods so that players can simply make deposits and withdrawals to manage their casino accounts. Off shore casinos are legal sites that accept Finland players and until there are more selections within the country, most residents will play at these sites so they have the best selections and bets chances of winning.

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Residents of Norway are facing some challenges when it comes to gambling in online casinos. To help control gambling, the Norwegian Government turned to the US for help and decided to model a law after the US law. This states that gamblers from Norway are unable to use any major credit card or bank transfer to fund a casino account. Gambling in Norway is heavily restricted and many players find it difficult to find legal ways of gambling online. There are betting companies that are offered in the country and they are owned by the state. These include Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. At this time, these are the only two operating betting companies.

In 2013, it was stated that the government had plans to liberalize online gambling laws. However, no changes have been made at this time. Many players who reside in this country are under the assumption that it is illegal to gamble online. While there are some restrictions and some difficulty with payment methods, these players are free to visit off shore casinos and play the real money games that are supported. With Norse casinos online, players can conduct transactions in local currencies, but they will first have to find payment methods that are accepted at the casino they have chosen. They will also find native languages, so the sites are easy to navigate. There are many online casinos that cater to Norwegian players, so there are some amazing options and many great games that can be enjoyed for free or for real money wagering.

Since the laws in Norway are very strict, most players will have no choice but to resort to off shore gambling. While some may question the safety of this, these off shore sites are licensed and regulated and will provide secure environments for Norwegian players to gamble online.

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United States

The United States has long battled the idea of online gambling and for a number of years, players had some restrictions to deal with. While online gambling was not actually deemed illegal, there were some laws that were passed that affected how players could fund a casino account online. For a long time, there were no licensed online casinos in the US, meaning that players had to visit off shore sites. However, with the laws in place, players could not use credit cards or bank transfers to fund these casino accounts. Instead, they had to find alternative methods, which made it difficult for many players to enjoy any form of real money gambling online.

Last year, the US decided to legalise online gambling in the country. There are a few states that currently license and operate online casinos. However, only residents of those states are able to gamble at the sites. His means that thousand of US players are still dealing with off shore sites and the laws that restrict what banking methods can be used. A number of other states are in the process of legalising online casinos, so it is hopeful that US players will soon have many other gambling options. Playing in a casino site that is licensed in the US provides a sense of security to players and allows them to easily play the casino games they love right from home. For the meantime, a vast majority of players are still trying to find off shore sites that will allow them to play real money games and will provide payment methods that can be used for safe and secure deposits and withdrawals.

United Kingdom

Players who reside in the UK probably have one of the largest selections of online casinos available. This form of gambling is allowed and is completely legal, allowing gamblers from the United Kingdom a great way to play real money games without having to leave home. In fact, there are over 100 online casinos that are licensed in the UK, so there are a number of options that are available.

In the past, UK players were free to visit any off shore casino and enjoy gambling. However, as of September 1, 2014, the laws changed and players can only pay at sites that are licensed in the UK. This means that off shore casinos that do not hold a UK license cannot advertise their site or promote it to any UK player. This chance does not affect many players since there are so many great casinos operating in the UK, but it will help to strengthen local brands and keep all gambling in the UK alone.

UK players will find that online casinos cater to their needs by supporting multiple languages and currencies so that any player can easily access the site and conduct secure transactions in local currencies. UK casinos are trusted and are known to be among the most secure in the world, presenting players with amazing games that offer outstanding payouts. With a UK online casino, players will find leading software providers like Microgaming and Playtech and will see that most casino sites offer hundreds of titles, many of which can also be played for free. Casino sites that hold a license to operate in the UK can continue offering their services to players, but those that do not have his license will either have to apply for one or they will not be able to target UK players in the future.

South Africa

Gambling online in South Africa has for a long time been something that has interested players from South Africa. The unfortunate thing for South African players is that there are limited choices as far as where an SA player can enjoy playing their favourite casino games. This is largely due to the fear of various gaming operators to enter and work within the South African market.

The good thing however is that there are some options for SA players who are looking to play at online casinos. These casinos do accept players from South Africa and also allow for play in South African Rand currency. Both for depositing and withdrawing funds.