Max Damage Slot Review

Any player that likes a game that is based on aliens and attacks will enjoy playing the video slot Max Damage in Microgaming online casinos. This game is an arcade style slot that is similar to the classic Space Invaders game. This is a skill based game that adds a little twist to gambling online. Instead of playing a standard slot, Max Damage offers players the chance to shoot down alien ships to collect credits. This is an exciting game that will surely offer a change to players who are used to standard slot machines in online casinos.

Max Damage is very different from playing a slot. Instead of betting on paylines, players will bet per game just as they would with any arcade game. There are ten different levels in the game and each level will be of a higher difficulty. With some great challenges, players will have the chance to unlock amazing prizes and enjoy the payouts. The game offers an auto fire mode that can be used at any time and players will just have to direct their ship on the screen.

The game does offer different bet amounts that range from $0.10 to $20 per game and the maximum amount that can be won is $220,000. This is a great prize pool for an arcade game and Max Damage attracts a number of players who want a break from the traditional casino games found online.

There are some great features that can be used in the game to help players stay alive. There are boosters and shields and some free ammo and weapon upgrades which will make it easier to destroy alien ships. When players reach the final level of the game, they will have the ability to place on the Top Scores leader board.

Each level that is completed will allow players to trigger special features like bonus rounds. With free games, players can have the chance to kill the level boss and get a huge bonus payout. This arcade game is very exciting and it is an affordable option for any player that appreciates skill based games. With Max Damage, players will take on the alien world and will enjoy a fast paced game that can offer amazing payouts as each level is completed.